Why is your interpretation so different from mine?

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Why is your interpretation so different from mine?

Unread postby phoenix188 » Fri Jan 02, 2009 11:53 pm

Posted by chrislimzw : Mon Jul 16, 2007 5:44 am Post subject: Why your Bazi Interpretation is so Different from mine?

For some members who are learning to interpret Bazi may have noticed or even confused by my interpretation of the strength of the Day Master and several other points.

If you have been reading bazi books available in the book stores or attended courses, you will notice that the general interpretation of the various elements is similar among all the masters. For example, if the Day Master is Fire, the wife's element will be Metal and the husband's will be Water. These basics are the same for all authors. The rules of combinations of the various elements and whether a combination is successful (depends on many factors such as close proximity of the elements, the presence of the resultant element in the heavenly stem, etc.) remain the same

What is different for me and others is the classification of the strength of the Day Master. I classified the strength of the Day Master into 6 classes instead of the usual 4.

I classify wealth differently. For a strong day master, the wealth will be the element that the day master conquers (no difference from most authors).
For a weak day master, the wealth will be the element same as the day master (this is different!). There are also other minor differences.

My point in writing this is : Interpretation of Bazi is different with different schools. No school can claim it is absolutely right. We could only be better when we add on our own personal experiences of interpreting others' Bazi.

So, when your Bazi is interpreted by me, Phoenix or Yen or Boss, Katarina or any other member (using different methods) your feedback is very important to us and especially so if you feel that we have interpreted wrongly.

If you are learning Bazi, please realize that there are several different schools. Dont be confused as no one method can claim that it is 100% accurate. You have to be your own judge .. learn the basics correctly, dont understand must ask! and coupled with your own experience interpreting your loved ones or friends' Bazi .. you can be your own master.

I encourage members to try to interpret other members' Bazi and feedback from members will be the fastest way to learn Bazi. Learning Bazi will really really really help you position your life better. Dont be shy to try. Dont try, you will never learn.

We are here to share and learn how to make our lives and lives of our loved ones better. We may not be able to change destiny the way we want to but at least we can understand why certain things happen to us in a certain way.

Good Luck.
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