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Welcome to Dhealing 2015 Special Bird Releasing Ceremony for the Dead - for Ancestors, Departed Friends and Departed Relatives.

This BRC in the 7th month will come with a free LIght Ceremony. This unique Light Ceremony will be performed by Master atan, that can and will appease the dead and make them happy. The Light Ceremony can also remove charms, spells and bad spirits for those who had joined the BRC 2015 for the departed.

Click here to join.

Name List 2015

Dhealing Feng Shui Techniques

Feng Shui Techniques developed by master atan.
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Pegaga - Pennywort - 崩大碗

From my experiences - this is a very good plant to remedy mosquito sickness as one only needs to drink one tea spoon of
fresh pegaga juice per day, it is very effective.

從我的經驗 - 這是一個很好的植物,這是非常有效的糾正蚊子疾病,只需要每天喝一茶勺的新鮮崩大碗汁